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Friedhelm Wachs in Profile

Friedhelm Wachs is one of the most sought after negotiation expert within and outside of Germany. In Germany he has developed the internet portal for this segment. Worldwide, he has developed the brand Mister Negotiation (

Friedhelm Wachs has always walked the line between politics and the commercial world. His early experiences as the class spokesman of a Berlin school instilled in him his talent for negotiating. Simultaneously he worked as a journalist and organised seminars. His talent led him to be part of the board of leading fractions of German youth and sport politics at the beginning of his university studies. He negotiated co-operations on a European level beyond the boundaries of the iron curtain, studied political science at the Freie Universität in Berlin and established new companies. His foreign stays at renowned universities, his further educational studies in the English language and his MBA at the  HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management with top grades is exemplary.He also wrote a book together with the former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Schewardnadse on the coop against Gorbatschow in Moscow.

He then established his next companies, one of which is the  Wachscommunication Beratungsgesellschaft für Unternehmenskommunikation.

Friedhelm Wachs advises the OECD, the UNO and other governmental organisations. Ministers from the FDP and the Green fraction are among his clients. As one of the very few advisors in this field, he successfully shapes and steers the election campaigns of the SPD and the CDU candidates on a communal level. He is a recognised expert within the different political fractions in Germany.

Over and above, almost all of the DAX-30 companies have sought his expertise in marketing and communication.

His work as an entrepreneur, coach and author is practically oriented with convincing methods and techniques. His language skills, his excellent rhetoric and his style make him one of the most sought after speakers. He has the talent to explain complicated issues in a way which is understandable to all.

He is an associate professor at top level foreign and German schools and additionally he passes on his knowledge by lecturing at congresses, conferences, and employee and client events. Focus of his talks are the success factors for family owned businesses and negotiations in addition to topics including success, motivation and leadership.

For his outstanding work, he has often been honoured with prizes on a national and international level.

Friedhelm Wachs was part of the Olympic youth team in 1980. He is today passionate about sailing, golf and an occasional marathon and has a weakness for dark chocolate and excellent food.

Friedhelm Wachs is also an adoring father and a family man.


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