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The Entrepreneur Friedhelm Wachs

Friedhelm Wachs was never an employee. At 16 he started his entrepreneurship by offering seminars to school representatives and as a journalist. Since then he has established a number of successful companies, some of which are market leaders in their segments. He has always been fascinated by projects which contribute to the improvement of the quality of life or communication between people or organisations. A medical company as well as a firm for home furnishings are just as importantly part of his portfolio as advisory companies, a publishing house, a PR and advertising agency and internet based companies.

Contrary to his roll as a negotiating expert, the entrepreneur Friedhelm Wachs is known to be reclusive in public. “As an entrepreneur, I have to always put my products and services first and have to always be in the position to hand over my companies to other people or firms. On the other hand, in my roll as a negotiating expert, it is all about me. My clients buy me any my negotiating expertise. In case of my other companies, they buy the products and services which have nothing to do with my person but which I make available, with which they can satisfy their needs. My person is in this case unimportant. The product is!”, so the philosophy of Friedhelm Wachs in one of his interviews.

However his experience as an entrepreneur helps him unquestionably in his roll as a negotiation expert. He knows his clients, their ups and downs. This helps him avoid mistakes already made.

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