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The Negotiation Expert

Friedhelm Wachs is not only Germany’s most renowned negotiation expert, but is also known worldwide for his expertise in the field of personal, business and political negotiations. His reputation is based on his capability to achieve clear and measurable success in helping individuals and firms reach their set goals. One of his trademarks: he guaranties that you will double your profits through successful negotiations.

Negotiate better!

Only 8% of all negotiations lead to the best available results. Although we ought to be experts at negotiating since we negotiate everyday, we do not achieve the best possible results. WHY? Be it in the case of a few pennies or millions or be it in case of experts with 30 years of experience or just beginners, only 8%  reach the best results. Be part of this 8%!
Studies show that

Even beginners can be better than negotiation experts with the right tools and methods.

Friedhelm Wachs will uncover and disclose these negotiation tools and methods for you.

Negotiation profiling

Preparation is the key to success! Learn and master an effective preparation tool!

Define your goals clearly

Learn the techniques that help you formulate your negotiation goals clearly and simultaneously help you keep those of your competitor in view.

Negotiation design

Shape success! How do you influence success? Who decides with whom you negotiate and who decides on the negotiation process? Learn to be aware of your roll in negotiation and learn to use this information in shaping your negotiating strategy. Do not just decide: decide correctly and with awareness!

At the negotiating table

80% of the work is already done. Now learn to master the strategic and communication methods used at the negotiating table, which will bring you success. Learn how to set up the right framework and how to use correct verbal and non-verbal communication while negotiating. Learn how to find out if there is a third party behind the scenes and when exactly you need to hire an expert.

Trust is good, caution…

The negotiations have now finally come to an end and the results are clear. Are they really? Knowing when a negotiation is complete and how to secure the results are important aspects of negotiating. You have the security and assurance that the negotiations are successful only once the results take force. Protect yourself and your negotiating partner from disappointments and losses –material and emotional.

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